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Sweetie Sweets

Sweetie Sweets is a Cake Boutique that specializes in custom cakes using the finest ingredients. Sinfully delicious and delectably stunning, Sweetie Sweets pairs unlikely ingredients, crafting cakes that are anything but remarkable. Sweetie Sweets is well known for its famous Hennessy Cupcakes cakes baked with real Hennessy inside every cupcake & topped with our delicious buttercream icing, drizzled in chocolate & Carmel and topped with nuts and a shot of Hennessy on top. As a company, We are most proud of our customers. They have been so supportive & loyal, and there’s no way we could do this without them. What sets us apart from others is our creative recipes, creative designs & the unforgettable experience we give when you shop with Sweetie Sweets.

Meet The Founder


Hi Sweeties, my name is Rashika Craft, but you can call me Shika Sweetie. I am a Cake Artist, born & raised in the beautiful city of Houston, TX. Baking began for me as a little girl, I would bake & decorate cookies & then host family baking competitions to see who was the best baker. Eventually my cookies turned into cakes. I began selling cakes in college, but it wasn't until after receiving my Bachelors of Science Degree in Biology from THE Grambling State University that I began to flourish with my business; Sweetie Sweets. I truly enjoy baking because it makes my soul happy! I am so thankful to have found my true passion & I cannot wait to see what my future holds.

- Shika Sweetie

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